2 wheels x 2 penguins x 1st time

Finally – first and unexpected getaway on a motorbike in a very long while! It’s no longer a secret that Rūta recently got her motorcycle driving license so we had a burning need to hit the road. And, of course, not on one bike but each on a separate one.

The bikes that we got were Kawasaki KLE650 Versys and BMW F650 GS Dakar. The latter one is truly a beast!

I’ve got the orange Kawasaki rented for me by my company from Bikerent and the GS one came from dalinuosi.lt. I was looking to try out a real enduro bike so Kawasaki was not the best choice but that’s what I got for postponing the booking. Yet it appeared to be a quite comfortable ride and a perfect choice for a weekend trip like this.

2018-06-16 12.51.15_edited.jpg

It was a warm and sunny weekend – perfect conditions for a trip like this so we set out to explore the roads of Dzūkija. Not that I wouldn’t know the region or its roads, I know them quite well but it’s all different when you’re on two wheels. Yet we were stopping quite often anyway to take pictures, sometimes check if we’re on the right road or have to lunch.

Here is the route that we managed to complete on the first day arriving at the beautiful homestead in the evening. Sunday was even hotter and thus very slow. We left in the afternoon and were basically returning back home by looking for more interesting roads through the south of Lithuania rather than just following the shortest one.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend trip which also confirmed my feeling that I don’t need to own a bike to enjoy it. The good emotions and memories will last for at least a month now after which I can just rent another bike and take another trip.

2018-06-17 12.54.06_edited.jpg

P.S. Even though I know I don’t have many readers here I want to do a favor here for a small local restaurant in Rūdiškės called Picų Lobynas. They opened about a year ago and still appear to be the only restaurant in town. But.. they are making great pizzas! I mean really tasty ones, with a lot of stuff on them. So if you happen to be around – don’t miss that place!


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